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File Cleaner Pro cleans your system by detecting and erasing junk files
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Whenever you use your system, browsers and applications, several traces of your activity are left behind. The reasons why this happens are not always ill-intentioned. The installed software may do this to reduce loading or downloading time, help you find files or navigate the Internet easily, among other purposes, but some applications may just “forget to clean their garbage”. However, this practice may represent a serious threat to your privacy. In addition, they may also waste precious disk space.
File Cleaner Pro is intended to clean your system by detecting and erasing junk files. The application is very easy to use, and a great part of this ease is due to the interface design. The designers have successfully divided the functions into areas and placed them in separate tabs. In addition, they have made a proper choice of colors and used adequate hierarchy for the elements. Moreover, there are several skins that you can use at will.
Considered one of the main breaches to your privacy and security, Internet activity is a main source of trash in the form of applets, images, etc. left behind in the browsers’ cache. File Cleaner Pro offers to clean all this stuff if you just select the browser you want to monitor. In addition, there is a Real-Time Clean feature that will erase everything after the browsers shut down.
Another useful feature will let you clean your applications and system’s leftovers. Several types of applications are included here. In this respect, it cleans old files left by archives, Adobe Reader and messengers. Additionally, it includes Flash Player, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office applications and Internet downloaders. As to the operating system, it erases Windows recent and temp files as it will also empty the Recycle Bin.
Furthermore, there is a shredder feature that allows erasing unnecessary files applying different powerful shredder algorithms, thus making these files virtually irrecoverable.
File Cleaner Pro can be set to start along with Windows startup and stay hidden in the System Tray doing its job. In this regard, you can schedule this application to clean the system regularly.

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